On Neil Gorsuch

Today, President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to serve as Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.

Gorsuch by many accounts is supremely qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. Gorsuch is also reported to be a solid conservative, shifting the court decisively back to the right.

Gorsuch's confirmation would set the stage for hotly-contested decisions favoring conservatives in a 5-4 split.

Liberals will look at these decisions, and say:

"If Merrick Garland had sat on the bench instead of Neil Gorsuch, this would have different."

"This decision was stolen by Republicans when they refused Garland a vote."

"The Supreme Court has been subverted by political gamesmanship and is no longer a legitimate institution of power."

Republicans have the power to confirm Gorsuch. But in doing so, they play with fire.